In addition to the events organized by the Nordic Walking association Brenzone on  Garda lake  and the presence of the numerous activities of neighboring municipalities, the Municipality of Brenzone sul Garda and the Association Pro Loco for Brenzone, organize guided tours on the territory aimed at promoting the particularities of the Nordic Walking Park Brenzone on the Garda.

Please contact the Pro Loco office for Brenzone if you are interested in  +39 045 742 0076

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Associazione Pro Loco “Per Brenzone”
37010 Brenzone sul Garda (Vr)
Via XX Settembre, 8
Tel. +39 045 7420076
Cod. Fisc. e P. Iva 02526960238
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Hospitality Association
Brenzone sul Garda

37010 Brenzone sul Garda (VR)
Via Zanardelli, 22
Tel. +39 045 7420898
Cod. Fisc. e P. Iva 90001100230