It is an activity performed with specially designed walking poles that are not used as a simple support but are used actively by applying forces. The fundamental principle of this new discipline is to involve the greatest possible number of muscles in order to increase the energy consumption at constant speed over a traveled distance. At the same time it improves the physical form. It’s different from simple walking because much more complete as a movement and with a higher performance.

Health Benefits

Using the correct technique Nordic walking:
1.    Burns up to 45% more calories than ordinary walking (400 kcal compared to 240/280 of ordinary walking)
2.    Is a full body work out which uses 90% of the skeletal muscles and tones the upper and lower body at the same time
3.    Improves flexibility and mobility of the joints and spine
4.    Improves posture and relieves back pain
5.    Improves aerobic conditioning
6.    Reduces pressure on the knees, joints and back, (consequently making it an activity also suitable for those with joint
7.    problems or those who are over weight) through the use of poles
8.    Enhances coordination

Is an ideal activity for cardio respiratory fitness and reduces the causes of stress and depression Nordic Walking has become a life style for several thousands of Italians who want to keep in touch with natures annual progression but above all, it gives the possibility for inner peace and tranquillity, away from the too and fro hassles of everyday life.

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