Typologie: cross-country / Difficulty: easy
Time: 2 hours max / Distance: 18 km

From the Town Hall in Brenzone sul Garda(Magugnano) ride south along the cycle track on the shores of the lake. About 300 meters after the Yacht Club in Castelletto you reach “località Pianta” where you must cross the road and climb the road towards San Zeno for about 2 km.Before reaching Biasa, take the uphill path on the right which passes above Biasa and Fasor. After another 200 meters on the asphalt, take the path on the left for Campo-Sommavilla. The path is full of rapid ups and downs, and when you come to the forks make sure you always keep right until you come to the small hamlet of Campo (here you’ll find a fresh water spring). At the church turn left and ride through the hamlet, then continue down the cobblestone path to the asphalt. At the bottom keep right and climb to the church in Boccino. Before reaching the asphalt turn right and then immediately left, where you will follow a narrow path to Venzo, and then to Castello. From here climb the road for Prada for 1 km, to the 1st hairpin bend (no.20),then go straight on to the dirt road which will take you to Sommavilla and then to Assenza. From here take the cycle track south again and return to Magugnano.

For MTB Guided Tours, contact:
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